Who We Are

PT PRINA DUTA REKAYASA was formed in 2018 to asnwer the needs of our customers in the electrical and control system integrators. The experience, dedication and track record of the founders gave our customers more confidence to work with us.

We are commited to providing responsible solutions and adding value to our customers achievements

Company Value


We are committed to giving our best service to help our customers achieve the best solution for their problems.


Not only getting the job done, but we also make sure that we add value to solutions for our customers.


We give responsible solutions and ensure that our services are taken based on strong considerations


We take our time and resources to serve the best answers for our customer’s problem.

Vision & Mission


Become a leading company in electrical engineering solution and services and known because of dedication and commitment.


  • Help employees to improve their competences
  • Become a partner that provide benefits and added value to all parties concern
  • Answering the challenges with appropriate and responsible solution
  • Working on a good planning and good management then meet the target of our clients
  • Good communication and coordination in solving the challenges


Power Plant
Industrial Factory
How We Work


We will execute the plan safely and thoroughly with an excellent, coordinated team. Aside, we will measure the result and report it to our customer.

Make a Plan

We will be responsible to create a comprehensive plan that suits our customer’s needs.

Communicate and Clarify

We will communicate and clarify our findings for better coordination.

Improve and Advice

After a thorough study, we will point out what can be improved effectively and efficiently, based on the applied code and standard.

Learn and Understand

We will study the meeting’s results to have a better understanding of the problem.

Customer's Challenge

We will assess our customer’s needs and challenges through a meeting.